when you do something embarrassing in front of a lot of people


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I remember when Alex Turner was just this cute little guy who wore his guitar up really high:


and then he got a hold of hair grease:


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“When Kurt Cobain was alive he was known as the mysterious, quiet rocker. When he died he was known as a depressed drug addict. Kurt Cobain didn’t use drugs because the drugs used him. I don’t think anyone who knew him personally saw him the way the media portrayed him. Did the media ever mention that after a show was over he would sit in the tour bus and write back fan mail? He would try to answer at least thirty letters a night. In 1993, the media never reported the story of Kurt Cobain visiting a fan who wrote him [Kurt Cobain] a letter and asked him to come see her before she died of Cancer. They [the media] never forgot to remind everyone that he had demons though. Don’t listen to what you might have heard from the media. Kurt Cobain loved every single fan he had. He just couldn’t deal with being put on a pedestal that he was constantly afraid of falling off of.”
-Danny Goldberg
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Just finished Looking For Alaska, here comes another book hangover…

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